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 Hi there,
 you can find here my collection of roulette systems.
VIP Lounge Recovery ....
Unfortunately, the VIP Lounge forum is down. I have found on my PC about 20-30 systems,that were quite popular in those days.
I have placed some systems right here on this page. I have the data in various doc and html archives so it is quite chaotic.
May be I will find some more on my harddisk. If someone has an interest...just send me an email and I can send you all files
 compressed in one rar file. My email here.
3S Skip Streak System by Apache
--------Rx-ed by St0rm0r
Flat bet Method by KEN
Holy Grail by Buffster
-------Rx-ed by Sp1N-D1zZy
Leader System by Apache + modification by Arteinvivo
Streets by zio_Ninni
Street system by GiantChimpanzees + some modification
--------Rx-ed by Sp1N-D1zZy
Maximum advantage Plus -modification by Arteinvivo
The wave effect applied to double-streets or lines by Arteinvivo
Lots of systems by Arte are directly on his website:
Holy Grail Formula ( HGF system)  by Apache
-------Rx-ed by St0rm0r
Even Money v0.3 Roulette, Rx-ed by Moch modify by ilionar
Mathematical System , Rx-ed by St0rm0r
Sure Win by Talesman
P.O.T.P. system by Billy Winton, Rx-ed by St0rm0r
Two furthest back by KEN
Now some systems made by TurboGenius - they are also available on his website
123 Turbo street Modification
35 Unit method
35 Unit method Modification
--------Rx-ed by by Chicko73
Progression for single number
Against All Odds ( AAO)
Agains All Odds II, RX-ed by turbo & st0rm0r
Farthest Back method, RX-ed by turbo
The Holy Grail, Rx-ed by St0rm0r
Law of the third for streets by Turbo
Million in May, some modifications - MiM 2to1, MiM for streets
1 Unit per visit
Other gambling systems:

Super Recoup System - by Ahcoln

--quite good system, that won second place in GG roulette contest  ( copy of Izaks page -you know its good to have backup)
some systems are not freely available on the net so I can not place them here but if you have some interesting system we can exchange.My email here.
Star system by Dwaine C. Douglas
FRS system by Izak Matatya
Hot list roulette system by Izak Matatya
Online roulette by Izak Matatya
Dazzling dozens by Izak Matatya
Pattern 12 by Izak Matatya
Relaxed roulette by Izak Matatya
Sparkling dozens by Izak Matatya
Triple bonus roulette by Izak Matatya
SWiT - Simple Winnings in Tennis by ProBettor
Maximum Advantage Roulette - Silverthorne Publications 
Maximum Advantage Roulette PLUS - Silverthorne Publications
Target Roulette - Silverthorne Publications
Ultimate on-line roulette by Samuel Blankson
Good Luck!
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